Microsoft® SQL Server® provides a trusted, productive, and intelligent data platform that helps enable you to run your most demanding mission critical applications, reduce time and cost of development and management of applications, and deliver actionable insight to your entire organization. SQL Server provides greater value compared to earlier versions of SQL Server, and costs less compared to similar enterprise database solutions.

This tool is a sales aid based on Microsoft® Office Excel® spreadsheet software that uses a scenario ("what-if") approach to estimate potential costs and benefits that companies may experience by deploying SQL Server, or the potential cost savings compared to a competitive alternative.

The tool provides a discussion framework and is designed to stimulate conversation regarding the potential costs and benefits of deploying SQL Server for database and data warehouse specific applications. All inputs can be changed to estimate benefit and cost data. Default values are pre-populated to facilitate discussion and are meant to be changed as outlined below. Individual results and potential savings will vary.

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How the Tool is Organized  
General Inputs/Company Profile Standard inputs for analysis.
Existing Hardware/Software Captures requirements for different migration scenarios, i.e., migrating to a new Oracle based platform or to a SQL Server based platform. Captures all of the costs related to customer's current infrastructure and other future scenario costs. This includes Hardware costs, Software License costs, Migration Effort costs and any switching costs related to remaining Oracle software the customer chooses to keep. Migration effort includes both migrating data and applications from an Oracle database platform to a SQL Server database platform or the new Oracle database platform.
Migration Benefits Compares the total cost of ownership between the proposed track with Oracle and with SQL Server. TCO categories include Annual Maintenance Cost, Annual DBA Labor cost, Annual Developer Labor cost, and other One-time costs from the Migration Planning section.

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